Regular price$1,399.00

Battery Capacity


48V 15Ah


(Optional 14Ah/17Ah Secondary Battery)

1000W Mid Motor

Powerful Motor

28 MPH

Top Speed

Up to 80 Miles

Riding Range

(With Dual Battery)

300 lbs

Payload Capacity

5'3" ~ 6'4"

Recommended Rider Height

Tell me about the...

Adjustable Folding Stem

An adjustable stem allows riders to customize the height tool-free. The height adjustment range is 5.3" (0-135mm), the maximum length is 16.5" (420mm) and is able to fold 170 degrees to the right, which is very convenient.

12.5Ah High Capacity Battery

Running on a 48-volt system, as well as a 12.5Ah battery, this ebike can reach up to an estimated max of 40 miles (64 km) with pedal assist. The locking removable battery located beneath the bike’s saddle, not only keeps the centre of gravity low and overall weight well-balanced, but also makes it convenient and easy to charge.

Foldable Frame

The E-FAT-STEP is designed for ultimate convenience. With a folding feature on the main frame tube and telescoping stem, this bike effortlessly collapses, allowing for easy storage and transport. Say goodbye to bulky and cumbersome bikes and embrace the freedom of compact storage with our foldable solution.

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