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Frame Size
Secondary Battery Capacity


48V 15Ah


(Optional 14Ah/17Ah Secondary Battery)

1000W Mid Motor

Powerful Motor

28 MPH

Top Speed

Up to 80 Miles

Riding Range

(With Dual Battery)

300 lbs

Payload Capacity

5'3" ~ 6'4"

Recommended Rider Height

Tell me about the...

Dual Motor and Battery

Introducing the EUNORAU DEFENDER S: Conquer any terrain and weather with its mighty 1500-watt power. Designed to handle extra weight effortlessly, this electric bike is a top choice for hunting enthusiasts, easily transporting your game back to your vehicle.

Rear Suspension

The EXA rear suspension sets the Eunorau DEFENDER-S apart from the rest of our lineup, making it the ultimate eBike. Take on any trail with maximum comfort and control.

RST Suspension Fork

Let the RST fork absorb the jarring bumps and shocks on your rugged routes. It will help you maintain your energy and focus as you tackle the trail ahead.

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